Medieval Fantasy Assets

Introducing the Medieval Fantasy Assets Collection for RPG Developer Bakin. With these assets, you can create an immersive, captivating world where my carefully crafted 3D models and terrains can breathe life into medieval or fantasy-themed games.

Immerse yourself in the world of alchemy with the Alchemist’s Pack for RPG Developer Bakin. Each collection comprises 50 modular 3D models for you build a workshop buzzing with arcane potential.

Buy potions from the Alchemist himself. Or, if you have the skills, craft potent potions on the alchemist’s table, extract mana from raw ore using the extractor, and unlock the secrets of alchemy with this comprehensive collection.

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Alchemist Assets Pack Vol. 1 | RPG Developer Bakin

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Note: The Alchemist Pack Vol. 1 will be available on soon!

The heart of medieval life is the cozy tavern. As you step inside, the air is alive with laughter, clinking tankards, and the merry tunes of minstrels and bards. Locals and weary travelers alike can rest their feet while savoring hearty meals served on rough-hewn tables.

Tavern Terrains

The Tavern Terrains packs contain various wall and floor terrains designed to fit seamlessly into the medieval theme.

Tavern Packs

The Tavern Packs contain various 3D models to furnish your taverns with everything you need to create a bustling tavern. Each one is meticulously crafted and designed to fit snugly together.